The K.C. Auto Hotel, 313 S. Cincinnati Avenue, was built in the 1928 by real estate developer Kelly Conner and designed by architect Frank C. Walter. It was Tulsa’s first parking hotel and offered first class red carpet treatment with valet parking and a uniformed staff of nearly two dozen that groomed the cars daily. The heated garage provided complete service including sweeping out the car, refueling the car, and taking care of basic automobile maintenance. In the 1930s, new Chevrolets and Fords were available for rent. The roof featured a miniature golf course and a penthouse while the first floor included a barbershop and lunch cafe. The brick front was eventually refaced with stucco due to corrosion and the brick buckling. The seven-story building is now a self parking garage owned by American Parking.

  During a career in the oil and gas industry based out of Oklahoma City, Lucas Palmer gained an interest in barbering. He attended American Barber Institute of Tribeca in New York City in 2015, graduating early and working briefly in Park Slope, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens. Since returning to his home town of Tulsa, Lucas worked at Ford’s traditional barbershop in midtown and has opened Bonray Barber & Co in Fall of 2017.